Alma R
South Pasadena,Calif

Dave was such a breath of fresh air.When things go wrong around the house that need repair or maintenance,I always get frustrated because I feel I have to call someone I can't trust and I can say from the past experience.I had a serious leak on a 1/2" copper water under my kitchen sink and I needed a good Plumber right away.I have used others with a "not so good" experience.Dave was different.Dave was prompt ,he went straight to work ,was so professional,and so polite.Manners count.He carefully removed and replaced the bad section of copper pipe and got my water back on.I highly recommend him.He also gave me a great promo cup which I happily drink my morning coffee with!!!You're the best Dave!

Amy C
Rosemead Calif

I had a clogged mainline drain stoppage at my home and I needed help fast.The owner,David,came down to my place promptly .He was very professional and patient.He diagnosed the problem and gave me an accurate price quote before the service.Its was a very reasonable price, considering the quality of the work ,and everything this guy had to do to fix my problem.He even has a color video pipe camera to show where the clog was and show me on the screen!!!( tree roots busted my clay drainline!!!). I would recommend Dave to all my friends and family and will be calling Rapid Rhino Plumbing for any of my plumbing problems in the future.

Marcos C
West Covina,Calif

In the my past experience hiring plumbers,its always been Pray...make a call to someone...and hope for the best. I don't regret calling Rapid Rhino Plumbing.The owner himself came to work on my home.He was timely ,professional and above all ,the quality of his work was phenomenal.I had a gas water heater where the original 3/4" copper flex water connectors were badly corroded and leaking in my pantry area.The owner not only replaced the flex with new solid copper pipe and fittings,he pointed out that a had a very dangerous condition have a "frozen temperature and pressure relief valve" which did not work.He was considerate enough to change out this valve at no extra charge.He also had my show him my main hot and cold water shut off valves and gas valve and explained how to shut them off in an emergency.This guy takes his time and does things right!!! I will surely have him back whenever I need plumbing services.

Lourdes A
Pasadena ,Calif

Thank you Mr David Doyle for all of the hard work on our home in South Pasadena.It meant the world to me and my kids to have such a knowledgeable .respectful,and efficient plumber come to our house on such short notice .The price was reasonable and the service was outstanding!!!!David is an old school guy and great to deal with.He diagnosed and repaired a hot water leak problem in a1/2 hour that was troubling us for months!!

Kathy V
Los Angeles Calif

Rapid Rhino did a great service for our plumbing.Not only was he on time but he was friendly ,polite and listened to any concerns we had.Have had no issues since then .Definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future for any of our plumbing problems.Very professional and fair pricing.

Donnie P
Monrovia Calif

We had a problem with our laundry drain getting stopped up and not draining properly .We called up Dave Doyle at Rapid Rhino Plumbing and he took care of the problem right away.In the process he showed us that some of our problems were being caused by the drain pipe being too narrow and he put in better drain pipe and everything got fixed up for us .Now we don't worry about the washer machine overflowing anymore! Rapid response ,great job,friendly guy,you cant beat that!!!!


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Leaks occur when seals inside the faucet become dirty of worn. Though you may choose to replace worn parts, replacing your old faucet with a new one can upgrade the look of your kitchen, bathroom or tub/shower decor and avoid further repair problems. Read More