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Happy New Year From Rapid Rhino!!!

We just want to thank all our loyal clients who have supported us over the last 12 month and

,more,,,business is not booming but its steady,,,,

I guess thats to be expected considering the still “slow pokeing” economy.Folks want a good deal,homeowners are on a budget and that pesky plumbing problem will usual have to wait,,,that is,,,until it become “A Now Emergency”.

We sympathize with our loyal clients,,,,moneys tight and everyone loves to save a buck,that’s understood.Heres a couple points and tips to maybe help save you a few dollars,,,,

Tip 01/ Check the dial on that water meter!!!!  Get someone handy Husband,Son ,Boy Scout ,,Neighborhood Good Guy,,,!!! to remove the concrete lid of your meter box,,,(watch out for random black widow spiders!!!) make sure every faucet and fixture is shut off!!! Carefully observe the dial ,,,you’ll have 2 of them ,,,,a big black needle like a clock and a small red triangle shaped dial ,,,,if you have a leak of any kind the little red triangle will spin,,,,,if youre lucky ,,,everything will be static,,,no movement ,,,,if the dial is spining or that black needle is slowly moving clockwise,,,,well friend ,,,you have a leak somewhere!!!!

Check for the obvious leaks first,,,check you faucets ,shower valves and toilets ,,,,put some green food coloring in the tank after it fills and shuts off,,,,if you see green dye coming into the bowl ,,you have a tank leak and should have it rebuilt,,,.You’re paying money for water down the drain?

Check for soggy ,muddy ,,,damp areas in your lawns ,,,both front and back,,,,.You could have an underground leak .If your really ambitious ,,,get a strong flashlight and look in the crawl space area under your house.We do not reccomend a homeowner to physically put on coveralls and crawl the length and width of their property.That is a job for an experienced journeyman plumber with many years under his belt.

Of course if you find a leak of any kind ,please invite us out for a courtesy evaluation and firm price quote to correct this condition.

Tip 02— Give Your Water Heater a Check Up and Report Card

An “elderly Water Heater” is not a good old friend of the family.Most units in the San Gabriel Valley with all our hard water really shouldnt be expected to last more than 10 to 12 years.Why?? Most of us never take the time to flush out the lime and sand every 3 to 4 months.It just doesnt happen with our  “busy ” lifestyle.If your have a standard gas tank style water heater 30 to 40 gallons,what usually happens is a layer of lime and sand builds up on the bottom of the tank .This stuuf can get up to 1 or 2 inches thick,,,Ive seen it.So now what happens is ,,,you’re poor water heater has  to work “Overtime” to heat up that same tank full of cold water it did with ease 10 or 12 years ago when it was spanking new.That layer of sand acts as an insulating blanket or barrier to the burner flame.In a word your heater has to “work harder” and burn more natural gas to heat the same tank full of water.Result ???A heck of a higher gas bill at the end of the month.Let us check out the install date of “OLd Faithful” we will also do a “safety check” of the condition of the shut off valve,,copper flex connectors , earthquake strap (you don’t have an Earthquake Strap???) and the temperature and pressure relieve valve (Man,,,that puppy better work!!!) If you unit is too far gone its really time to consider a replacement.We reccomend and install Rheem ,American Appliance and Bradford White Water Heaters,We will also show you how to properly flush out the sand and scale from your heater every quarter [3 months] so you can increase the useful life of it for years and years.

Tip 03  Do Whats Going On Inside Your Main House Drainline? If You Got Trees in Your Yard You’d Love to Know!!!

We have a high powered Color Video Pipe Inspection  Camera that can show you the interior condition of your oriiginal house drain.In older homes what you usually have in the ground is 4 to 6″ red clay drain pipe.Unfortunately ,,,back in Grandpas time ,,,this stuff only came in 4 foot lengths and many times it was “Assembled” or put together with concrete joints,,,one end would be inserted or “telescoped” into the other with wet cement as a binder or seal.Well ,,,you quessed it over time,,even over a period of 10 to 15 years,,,because movement in the ground ,heavy trucks running past the house,,earthquakes ,,,lets be honest,OK?,,these clay pipe systems have moment and cracks happen in the joint areas ,,,and sure enough,,,roots seeks out the water and waste as food,,,,.You call this “Root Intrusion:”.

Lets us come out and inspect your line while you watch,Its reall amazing if you’ve never seen it.If you do have a faulty condition with roots in your drain ,,its always better and cheaper to “nip it in the bud ” and fix a potential problem and a major inconvenience at a convenient time.[Like daytime 8 to 5PM right ,,,LOL].We can also identify cracked pipe and fittings.We can do anything from point repairs where only a section of your drain needs replacement,,,all the way to- a complete restoration and “change out ” of your house drain at a competitive market price.Waht really costs you money is the year by year neglect of simply having a drain cleaning company clear your line with a mechanical drain snake or cable machine.Thats really just a band aid.Planning a procedure for replacing or repairing a main house drain is ultimately much more of a savings then the nuisance and “headache” of calling out the “drain guy” once or twice of year ,,,usually in the dead of night.


Well folks thats it for now.Hope these tips help and save your some money and grieve.Remember,we are always here for help or consultation,,,after all ,,,WE ARE NEIGHBORS!!!

Dave Doyle/Rapid Rhino Plumbing/Jan 20/2013